Halloween Party


On the night of October 31st, Henry Fok Jubilee College held an annual Halloween party, the main theme of this time are the famous movie "Annabella" and "IT". Besides the simple Halloween games, the main event of every year- the haunted house has been a highlight, the haunted house included the common room and corridors on five and six floor, there were full of horrible decoration everywhere and some scary staffs in the haunted house on that day. Responsible for the planning of this Halloween are the Art and Culture Working group and Social Activity Working Group from Henry Fok [...]

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Visiting Fudan University Teng Fei College


Led by Resident Fellows, Dr. Vivian Jiang and Dr. Natalie Wong, the delegation of Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College (HFPJC) visited Fudan University Teng Fei College on September 24-27, 2017. The representatives from two colleges held a seminar on service learning project on the first day. HFPJC students introduced our service learning projects in Macau and Mainland China and showed them how we integrate service learning projects with creative projects, Little Photographer Project and Little Inventor Project, with the support from community partners. The students from Fudan University introduced the development of TECC Association and some signature projects. Our students [...]

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Mid-Autumn Festival Party


In the night of September 27th, Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College successfully held a Mid-Autumn Festival Party. The PJC courtyard was filled with students who dressed up as cosplay characters such as Chang’e, Wu Gang, the Jade Hare,etc., and there were many activities in the party, including moon cakes making workshop ,moon jelly making workshop , Mid-Autumn puzzle games, etc.. The Mid-Autumn Festival party was organized by the House Association Working Groups of Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College. Lau Hio Lam, the chairperson of Art and Culture Working Group, said, “Some new ideas were added into this Mid-Autumn Festival Party, [...]

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Leadership Orientation Program


Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College (HFPJC) has successfully organized a five-day Leadership Orientation Program from 03 August to 07 August 2017. 32 student leaders, including Resident Tutors, Resident Assistants and House Association Leaders, participated in the program. In total 29 training sessions were held in the program, in order to deepen their understanding about the philosophy of the residential college, their job responsibility and practical techniques of organizing activities and communicating with the office and college members. College Master Professor Kai Meng Mok gave an opening remarks to kick off the Leadership Orientation Program on 03 August. It was followed [...]

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Service Learning Program at Yunnan Chuxiong Si Yuan Experimental School


[wzslider autoplay="true"] Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College (HFPJC) organized a service learning trip at Si Yuan Experimental School in Yunnan Chuxiong, China, from 19th to 28th May 2017. 21 HFPJC students and resident fellows took this opportunity to provide community service to the Si Yuan students, as well as to participate in civic engagement and broaden their views of global awareness. The majority of Si Yuan students are from poor families who need assistance, care and love. Activities such as Little Photographers workshop, Little Inventors workshop, creative writing workshop, hygiene class, English Quiz Games, and introduction to Macau and UM enhanced [...]

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HFPJC’s Little Photographers Digital Exhibition at Apple Store


HFPJC's Little Photographers Digital Exhibition University of Macau Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College (HFPJC) has been doing creative educational projects for Si Yuan Experimental Schools in China which are particularly built for the marginalized children living in remote areas in China since 2013. In May 2016, we initiated the Little Photographers Project for which we provided 66 disposable cameras and basic photography trainings to 33 children in Hainan. This project was certified as an outstanding creative educational project by China Innovative Education Expo 2016. By organizing exhibitions for these children, we hope to share with the public their stories. The [...]

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Service Learning Excursion in Guizhou Zhijin


Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College organized a service learning trip to Guizhou at Bijie Si Yuan Experiential School during the Christmas holiday break between 21st and 27th December 2015. This service learning trip was a collaboration with Service Affairs office to form a service leader team of 28 students from four residential colleges including 24 students from HFPJC, 2 from CKYC, 1 from CYTC and 1 from SPC. This service learning trip was supported by a number of community partners including Yan Ai Foundation, Microsoft (Beijing office), the British Council (Beijing office) and Clean the World (Hong Kong & Macau) [...]

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HFPJC Slow Walk Activities – The Orange Walk


In order to increase HFPJC team spirit and promote healthy living, HFPJC launched a slow walk activity, namely the Orange Walk. The tick off ceremony was in last week and the second walk was on this Tuesday (15th September), more than 50 participates walked around the campus and enjoyed the relaxing moment with their HFPJC family.

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HFPJC Initiates the First College Uniform Day


College uniform represents the image and spirit of the community. HFPJC held the first College Uniform Day on 10th September. All HFPJCers wore the orange uniform and walked around the campus on that day, the unique vitality and passion of HFPJC spread through the UM campus, like an Orange Storm. Saying hello to those who wore orange uniform and feel the friendliness and warmth in the atmosphere. This is the orange spirit in HFPJC!

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Freshmen Orientation Camp of Academic Year 2015/16


HF PJC House Association held a three-day orientation camp for freshmen which attracted more than 200 students to join, it whipped up a vibrant orange storm at the UM campus. The College launched a series of orientation activities to facilitate freshmen’ integration into the residential college life at UM, such as Checkpoint Challenge, Coloane-Taipa Tour, Barbecue at Hac Sa Beach and Night Hiking etc..Freshmen said the orientation activites strengthened their inter-personal skills and team spirit.

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