There was a Chinese folk saying that: “Whenever a dignitary goes out, it rains. ” Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College has postponed its High Table Dinner for twice due to the typhoon, and eventually held on the 8th day of November. Mr. Fok Chun Wan, the Chairman of Henry Fok Foundation, for the first time, visited the College which was named after his father. Mr. Fok gave an encouraging speech during the dinner, wishing that students to become a person who to contribute to Macau and the homeland.

Honorable guests also included two other family members of Fok, they were Ms. Fok Lai Si and Mr. Gerald Fok. And Mr. Si Hou, Director-General of Henry Fok Foundation; Dr. Lam Kam Seng, Chair of the University Council and Prof. Rui Paulo da Silva Martins, Vice Rector of Research. College Master Prof. Mok Kai Meng welcomed the guests and introduced the College background and characteristics to them.

During the dinner, Mr. Fok Chun Wan talked about the hard work and contribution that his father had made. “ My father was a person who always eager to think out of the box, and he was never afraid of people’s doubts. I hope my father’s experience are inspirational and helpful for students. My father had contributed numinous resources on developing sports charities and events, and he put his beliefs into action to encourage people to always do exercises out of the busy work.” In the end of the speech, Mr. Fok Chun Wan encouraged students to study hard to become good person.

College Master Prof. Mok Kai Meng encouraged students to reach out the College spirit, and develop as an all-round person. “ Hope that students can fully use the resources that the College provides, and become a better “forever PJC member, and always love and cheer. ” Said Prof. Mok.

Mr. Hariharan Narayanan, exchange student from India said: “ It is a very special experience for me. I learnt more in-depth about the background of the College, and the spirit of the founder.” College student Ms. Tu Chaoyi said: “ Mr. Fok’s speech was very encouraging and inspiring. The speeches taught me about the Fok’s spirit of love and give, and their engagement of sport and health events.”

HFPJC’s first High Table Dinner ended with the beautiful Chopin’s piano sonata.