Residential Room Inspections

In a building like ours individual hygiene and the cleanliness of residential rooms including washrooms is paramount in maintaining a healthy community. While the cleaners will deep clean each washroom once per semester, regular cleaning is the students’ responsibility. It is essential that four students in one unit organize a cleaning schedule so that each member is playing an equal role in keeping the environment clean and hygienic.

Since cleanliness and hygiene are essential for our wellbeing room inspections will be carried out from time to time during the semester.

Students will be given notice in advance of the inspection so they can get their house in order.

Visitors to College

Visitors are permitted in the College only at the request of residents, who then become responsible for the conduct of their guests. Visitors need to remain in the company of their resident host throughout their visit and must be escorted at all times. All visitors must abide by university and College regulations applicable to the resident host.

HFPJC member may invite a maximum of three guests to the College at any given time. Exceeding this number is possible with special permission from the Associate Master.

All visitors must sign in at the college entrance front desk and wear visitor badges while in college.  Visitors are not allowed in residential rooms, but with their resident host may use the college public areas. They may also purchase meals at the Refectory using Macau Pass.

Visiting hours are normally between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. daily. Permission from the Associate Master may be obtained for an extension of these hours.

Visitors may not stay overnight in residential quarters or any other part of the College buildings. Cohabitation is not permitted in UM residential colleges.

Refectory Guidelines

  1. Food served can only be consumed in the Refectory, but not in the residential rooms.
  2. Your meal quotas and UM ID card are non-transferrable under any conditions.
  3. You have a quota of 15 free meals per week.  The weekly meal quota not used cannot be carried forward to the ensuing weeks.
  4. Late Meal Service
    • Student who has classes or other justified UM related official activities during regular dining hours can request for this service. It is available for lunch and dinner.
    • Request could be lodged at the College Office at least one working day in advance.
    • Served food will be kept in a meal box and refrigerated.
    • Ordered meal can be collected in person at the college entrance front desk by presenting a valid UM Student ID.
  5. Guests
    • HFPJC member may invite up to 3 guests per meal to dine at the Refectory.
    • Guests must sign in at the college entrance front desk.
    • The hosting HFPJC member must accompany his/her guests during the meal and their visit to the College at all times.
    • Guests who are students of other UM residential colleges may use their normal meal allocation directly. Other quests can purchase tickets for their meals with “Macau Pass” from a ticketing machine installed at the Refectory. No cash is accepted.
    • Served food must be consumed in the Refectory and not be taken out.
    • Visitors should sign out when leaving the College.

Noise Control

Uncontrolled noise represents a nuisance for college residents whose study may be interrupted. Every member of the college is entitled to live in an environment in which the level of noise is minimized for the community good. Quiet hours of the college start in the evening at 10:00PM and end in the early morning at 9:00AM. Please note that your neighbours may keep different study/sleep hours. Therefore, at any time you should turn down the volume of music or TV and show your neighbours the same courtesy you expect.

Fire Drill

Every year, the college will organize a fire drill which coaches college residents in emergency procedures including nominated routes of escape. Good preparation is essential in light of an emergency therefore all student must take part in the fire drill when it is called. The College Office will announce the date and time of fire drill beforehand. Students can only absent from the fire drill with justified reasons and they should send apologizes in formal letter to college office prior to the fire drill. Your RT or RA will hold a floor meeting prior to the fire drill. You must follow their instructions during the fire drill. Remember that fire drills exist to save lives in the unexpected event of an emergency.

Moving In & Moving Out Procedures

The College Office will announce the official return dates for the new academic year. If you cannot arrive on the designated date you must communicate with the College Office to inform them of your alternative date. Upon your arrival, (during office hours) fill in the ‘HFPJC Move in Form’ and other necessary documents. Please remember to bring along a colour photo for our record.

If you arrive after office hours or during weekends, you must inform the office for a temporary check-in upon your arrival. On the next working day, you will need to present yourself at College office to complete official documentation.

When leaving the College at the end of your residency please come to the College Office at least 4 working days before you intend to leave. Complete ‘HFPJC Move out Form’ and make appointment with the College staff to check your room. Should you intend to leave outside office hours your room will have to be checked prior to your departure during office hours. When you leave, you should return the key card to the security counter.

Always make sure that all your belongings are well packed before our staff checks your room. You should also check your debit note and make sure that you have settled all outstanding bills for next year.

Parking Bicycles

If you want to park your bicycles in the white zone outside HFPJC, you will need to register your bike at the College Office. After registration, you will get a bicycle label with a valid date print on it. The expiry date is usually the end of academic year. For those who do not have the valid label or expired label, HFPJC reserves the right to remove your bicycles from the white zone.

Summer stay and luggage storage

The summer stay and luggage storage application usually commences in April. The College Office will announce the application period and send the application through email. You may fill in the form and submit to office before deadline.

Emergency Contacts

In case of any emergency, you can always contact one of the following units at any time:

HFPJC Security Counter 6311 4322

UM Security Center 8822 4000

Guidelines for Use of Common Rooms

Using Common Rooms

HFPJC members are welcome to use the common rooms for leisure or special events and activities. The opening hours of the rooms (except library, study rooms at 6th Floor and gym room) are 9:00am to 10:00pm, other hours with permission of AM or RF. Any college member who wants to reserve the common rooms for special events, must ask the College Office at least 2 working days before the activity. Unless special permission is given eating and drinking is strictly prohibited in all the common rooms except the Private Kitchen (G027). Always keep the room clean and tidy after usage and take good care of the instruments and equipment. You may be charged for any damage or loss of equipment if care has not been taken.

Music Room (G014)

  • You have to sign in and out at the security counter by presenting your student ID card and room key card.
  • If there is no other student waiting you may play as long as you wish. If another student is waiting to use the room you may stay there for 1 hour only.
  • Loud music such as drum kits must not be used at all during exam periods or quiet hours.

Art Room (G015)

  • Sign in and out at the security counter by presenting your student ID card and room key card.

College Library (G023)

  • The College Library is for members to read and relax, please keep reasonably quiet at all times.
  • Magazines and newspapers are to remain in the Library: after reading return to the appropriate place.
  • Users should comply with regulations for borrowing books.

Gym Room (G025&G026)

  • All students must sign a “Gym Room User Form” prior to use.
  • Workout attire must be worn to use the Gym Room. Recommended attire includes T-shirts, sport trousers and sports shoes. Weight gloves are recommended when using free weights. Open-toed shoes, high heels, jeans, leisure pants, sandals, slacks, blouse, and dresses, etc. are strictly prohibited.
  • Users should be courteous to others by limiting the length of their workout at a single station, and by following posted time limits when others are waiting.
  • If weights, pulleys or other parts are jammed, users should not attempt to free them without the staff-on-duty’s assistance. Report the problem to the staff-on-duty.
  • Users should always inspect the equipment for loose, frayed or worn parts before using. If in doubt, do not use the equipment and report the problem to the College Office.
  • To reduce the chance of injury, users should keep head and limbs clear of weights and moving parts of equipment at all times.
  • All equipment is to be returned to appropriate storage locations after use.
    Equipment is to remain at its appropriate location. Benches or equipment may not be moved from area to area without permission.
  • Weights are not to be propped against the walls, pillars, or mirrors due to the risk of damage or injury.
  • Personal belongings may not be left or stored in activity areas.
  • Participants shall use extreme caution in using equipment and weights to avoid potential injury to themselves or others.
  • Utilization of collars in free weight lifting is recommended.
  • All concerns and maintenance needs should be informed to the college office.
  • There is a 30-minute limit per individual for using cardiovascular equipment when others are waiting.
  • Food & drinks are not allowed. Water bottles may be used only if they are made of a non-breakable material and contain water only.
  • Clean all machines and benches after using with your own towel or paper towels.
  • Only HFPJC students and authorized members of HFPJC may utilize the Gym room. Visitors/guests are not permitted.
  • Students are also required to sign in at the log book for each visit to the Gym room.
  • Failure to comply with rules and regulations of Gym room will result in loss of Gym room privileges. If at any time a student does not comply with the rules, the student will be asked to leave, and/or his/her Gym room privileges will be revoked.

Private Kitchen (G027)

  • Sign in and out at the security counter by presenting your student ID card and room key card.
  • Users are responsible for staying within the approved times.
  • Any food remaining in the refrigerators after the activity will be discarded.
  • The Kitchen must be cleaned properly by the users prior to leaving.

Senior Common Room (1051)

  • Only open for intellectual/academic activities/student leader regular meetings under RFs/AMs supervision.

Study Rooms (Room G017, G018, 6006, 6007, 6012 and 6013) and Multi-function Room (G024)

  • Open 24 hours.

Reserving Common Rooms for Activities

All public areas in the College can be reserved for particular activities, including common rooms on the ground floor and each residential floor. You should submit your request to college office 2 working days before the planned activity and for special function rooms (G015, G027 and 1051), reservations should be made 5 working days in advance. Checking availability is something you should do as far in advance as possible when you plan your activities. Always keep venues clean and tidy and especially after use. When you finish using a room, make sure it should be in good condition for the next group.

List of Prohibited Areas in College

Because your welfare is our major concern student must not enter prohibited areas in the building. The list includes but not limited to:

  • Rooftops
  • Balconies
  • Terraces
  • Refectory kitchens
  • Server room
  • Electric switchboard rooms

On no account should you sit on the window ledge of your room or climb through windows on corridors to reach prohibited areas.

Other UM and RC Rules

Please refer to RC web page, here, for further rules and guidelines.

RC Requirements

Community and Peer Education Requirements

IN order for you to graduate from UM you will have to earn a ‘Pass’ for College participation. You cannot graduate until this ‘Pass’ is given. At the end of each year, as a resident or non-resident College member, you will receive an indication of your current status. There are opportunities to make up for unsatisfactory progress but the onus is on you to approach the academic staff of the college to organize this. For more details of requirement, please visit “Undergraduate Admission” and “Residential College” on UM’s Registry website and RC website