Resident Assistants (RA) are leaders on each floor.  They have several important tasks to perform:

  • Make sure their floor provides a positive living-learning environment for floor members;
  • Organize floor activities and events to facilitate interpersonal interactions among college members;
  • Assist college’s academic staff to enhance students’ learning in college

RAs are assisted by floor committee on each floor which will be formed early in the semester. This floor committee works with the RAs to organize activities that enhance learning.

Here are the RAs of academic year 2023-24:

Resident Assistants

AO Wan I (Spaghetti) CHEN Hongxi (Steven) CHEN Zhixuan (Emma) GONG Xiaoyuan (Zoe)
GUO Yitong (Dolly) HO Son Fat (Aaron) LEI Hio Ieong (Justin) LI Junshan (Iris)
LIANG Mingxuan (Remi) LUO Zihan (Zora) PAN Yunxuan (Stella) SHI Yingzi (Ying)
SI Kit Fong (Jack) ZHENG Haonan (Franky) ZHOU Yawen (Naomi)

Resident Assistants in Academic Year 2022-23

CHEN Pak Weng CHEN Zhixuan (Emma) CHU Wing Yan (Cristina) HO Sin Ian (Sunny)
HUANG Wai Lam (Kelly) LAI Seong Iat (Sean) LEI Hio Ieong (Justin) LI Bingran
LI Junshan (Iris) PAN Yunxuan (Stella) QU Yijia (Queena) SI Kit Fong (Jack)
SOU Iok Mei (Alina) WANG Renkun (Logan) ZHAO Yanya (Rhea)