The Academic Care Programme is designed to help all college members to attain their full academic potential and to foster a lively academic and intellectual environment in college. It not only provides assistance to students who need more guidance, but also help students to explore their interests and abilities, and develop their competencies. It provides various programmes which may include the following:

  • Talk series
  • Study skills workshops
  • Language enhancement activities
  • Academic resilience project 
  • Mentoring programme & study groups
  • College librarians & reading club
  • Academic improvement award


Talk Series

HFPJC has invited a variety of guests from different industries to deliver talks on their specialized subjects, life experiences, professions, areas of research and more each year. College members can widen their horizon, and greatly expand their knowledge through participating in these talks. The talk series cover vast fields, such as entrepreneurship, sportsmanship, healthy living, career development, study abroad. Each talk series was composed of several talks with specific topic in the similar area. All college members are encouraged to attend some intellectual talks during your study at University of Macau.


Study Skills Workshops

Study skills workshops are provided on study techniques, UM course-choosing system, project planning and proposals writing, e-portfolio, creative writing and so on. To better prepare our students for their future study and career development, HFPJC also organize a series of sharings on graduate school admission, TOEFL/IELTS/GRE test preparation, and resume and job interview workshops. We will continue to upgrade our learning enrichment workshops based on the students’ needs.


Language Enhancement Activities

HFPJC promotes multicultural communication and endeavors in providing a relaxing collegiate environment where multi-language usage is further encouraged and developed in everyday college life. A variety of language enhancement activities have been organized, such as English/Chinese creative writing workshops, English/Cantonese/Portuguese study groups, English book sharing, English movie’s night and so on. Two dining tables at College dining hall have been set up as English tables. College members are encouraged to practice daily English with your peer members while eating together.

Academic Resilience Project

HFPJC Academic Resilience Project aims to motivate and support students who experience academic difficulties or setbacks with the help of fellows, affiliates and peer students. After meeting with the student and identifying his/her problem(s) in studying, we will tailor-make a remedial approach to help him/her to get through the difficulties. Proactive approaches in residential education are also applied together with remedial approaches to facilitate effective learning. The Academic Resilience Project has achieved some results in helping low academic performance students. The percentage of students with GPA below 2.0 in academic year 2015-16 is 8.5%, which is lower than the number (10.6%) in the year before.

If you are facing academic problem(s) and need help, please contact any member of the Academic Staff.

Mentoring Programme & Study Groups

The Mentoring Programme aims to encourage the growth of all students through the efforts of upperclassmen or college fellows/affiliates as role models and advisors. Mentors may provide academic advice and information, and encourage mentees to get involved in academic related activities by attending study groups, seminars, or workshops. All students are welcomed to talk with, or ask for advice from their mentors. If you cannot find a mentor and you need one please contact any member of the Academic Staff.

All academic research shows that students who study together in groups achieve better than average academic results. We encourage all College members to take advantage of the close proximity of other students in your subjects and disciplines and form study groups which will enable you to better learn. If you need assistance in forming a regular study group talks to an RT or any member of the College Academic Staff


College Library & Reading Club

To promote regular reading habits to our students and provide resources in support of the learning, research, and development needs of the college community, HFPJC Library was established in January 2013. The Library is open regularly and staffed by volunteer librarians. Based in the library, the Reading Club is held monthly to promote reading and the sharing of ideas.                    


Academic Improvement Award

The HF PJC Academic Improvement Award is designed to recognize and honor students who have made significant strides in academic achievement. The purpose of this award is not to recognize the students who got the highest average GPA, but to reward those students who make the most impressive progress academically. All HF PJC students are eligible for this award. The candidates are nominated by the Academic Care Committee, and the winners are selected by the College Master. Selection is mainly based on significant individual improvement.