In line with ambitions articulated by the Unverstiy of Macau’s strategic plans, our mission is to develop a first-class collegiate community through which members will develop a mature understanding of personal and community issues, along with a flexible and mature global vision. To this end, we have published several books that involve the observation in Macao community, as well as on-going projects happened in HFPJC.


HFPJC endeavours to build a living-learning community that nurtures our students to develop deeper engagement with society. Since 2014, HFPJC organizes service learning project twice a year in marginalized communities in Mainland China and provides teaching service to underprivileged or left-behind students. By far, 141 service leaders entered more than 300 classes in 8 schools in Hainan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Hunan and Guangxi, and provided creative courses and online support to more than 17,000 students. To record the service-learning journey and reflections, HFPJC service leaders edited the new book “Fruits of Love——Service-Learning Journey of the Laranjas”.


“不太記得何時起, 我在澳門的生活中多了一個自己所謂了“週末澳門巴士之旅”——每個週末我都會搭乘一輛巴士遊覽澳門,從起始站一直坐到終點站, 從巴士裡觀察這個城市, 並收集旅程中的不同故事。”, NicholafeiChen

The Adventures of Peach, Jam & Cheese

“We live in a world of so called specialists. You have to be “qualified” to do a particular job of work. The power of the specialist has increased with the complexity of the technology we use on a day to day basis.”, Professor George Watt

Mapping the Psychogeography of MACAU Through Cyanotype Printing