Course Title: First-Year Experiential Learning
Course Code: CPED1000
Year of Study: Year 1
Pre-requisites: None
Credit Unit: 1
Grading: Pass / Not Pass
Semester: 2 (1 year course)

Course Description:
Taught at the Residential Colleges, this course prepares the first-year students to adjust to and benefit from the whole person education of UM. It introduces students to a set of basic study skills and active-learner attitudes that are expected of a university student. Through experiential learning in RC educational activities, learning experiences at UM at large, and the course required e-portfolio practice, students will learn to appreciate selected competencies prescribed as goals of the “community and peer education” of UM. They will also learn how to relate these competencies to their academic performance as well as future career development.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)
Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. explain the difference between studying at high school and university (purpose and meaning of University education and personal goals and aspirations and community commitment);
  2. explain the difference between UM residential college and a student hostel;
  3. demonstrate basic study skills;
  4. demonstrate active-learner attitudes expected of a university student;
  5. articulate selected competencies prescribed as goals of the “community and peer education” at UM and how these competencies are related to the student’s academic performance and future career development;
  6. reflect on experiential learning at RC and in university at large through RC e-portfolio.

Instructional approach:

  • lectures, workshops, discussions, flipped classroom;
  • active learning that allows students to talk, listen, read, write, and reflect;
  • interactive learning that encourages students to form small groups to work together for the achievement of a common goal;
  • experiential learning that emphasizes the process of learning in the participation of designated activities;
  • independent learning that fosters the development of individual student initiative, self-reliance, and self-improvement.