Singapore Exchange and Exploration 2018


HFPJC and HC Students Singapore Exchange and Exploration 2018 澳門大學霍英東珍禧書院以及榮譽學院師生到新加坡交流探索計劃2018 Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College (HFPJC) and Honours College (HC) students recently participated in an extraordinary exploration visit in Singapore. Through the exchange program with National University of Singapore (NUS) Cinnamon College students and faculties, UM students received aspiring overview lecture from the College program – University Scholar Programme (USP) Director, exchanged living-learning experience dialogs with faculties and students and received a thorough campus tour of their Cinnamon College. The program ended with a fruitful collaboration opportunity discussion. The remaining of the exchange programme was equally exciting involved tour of [...]

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Greater Bay Area City Shenzhen Visit


HFPJC Delegation Visited Greater Bay Area City Shenzhen 霍英東珍禧書院代表參訪深圳大灣區 From 27 September 2018 to 29 September 2018, Resident Fellow Dr. Andrew Lao and fifteen students of Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College (HFPJC) visited Shude College of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUST), Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI), and several innovative enterprises in Shenzhen. Through the exchange with students in SUST and TBSI, HFPJCers shared and learned the experiences from the other colleges. During the exchange session at SUST, our students introduced the UM RC 4-in-1 model, HFPJC signature projects such as service learning programmes, and a variety of activities in [...]

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First High Table Dinner of AY2018/2019


Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College successfully held the first High Table Dinner in AY2018/2019 霍英東珍禧書院成功舉辦首場高桌晚宴 Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College has held the first High Table Dinner on 22 August, 2018, and attracted more than two hundred students. Honorable guests included Prof. Yonghua Song, Rector of UM; Prof. Lionel Ni, Vice Rector (Academic Affairs) of UM; and Dr. Siu Yin Wai and his wife were invited to the Dinner. Dr. Siu Yin Wai is CEO of the renowned construction company “Siu Yin Wai & Associates Ltd.” which has been behind many of the preeminent residential and commercial developments in Macau [...]

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HFPJC Little Programmers in Rongshui of Guangxi


HFPJC Introduces Interesting Learning Courses and Creative Workshops in Rongshui of Guangxi 苗鄉小朋友變身小小程序員 澳門大學霍英東珍禧書院師生赴廣西融水開展服務學習項目 激發學童想像力 “One, two, three, hands!” One of HFPJC members was teaching English for Fun course at the seven grade in Guangxi Rongshui Si Yuan Experiential School. From 21 May to 28 May, nineteen HFPJC members from various academic backgrounds have taught over 2000 local primary and secondary students with courses related to the culture of Macao, English learning skills, Little Inventors, and Little Programmers. The newly introduced Little Programmer Workshop was a challenge, as it required college members to master the usage of Scratch, and prepare [...]

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HFPJC Received Over 1,000 People on UM Open Day


HFPJC Received Over 1,000 People on UM Open Day 澳大開放日霍英東珍禧書院喜迎上千訪客 “從來沒有見過這麼棒的學校,又有好吃的又有好玩的。”就讀幼稚園的Gerrard和Darryl在霍英東珍禧書院的書房用完茶點後,興奮地轉悠,不時拿起書籍雜誌翻閱。 […]

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College Leadership Camp


From March 3rd to March 4th 2018, the very important Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College (HFPJC) Leadership Camp was held successfully. The camp attracted a lot of college students to join every year, the goal of this camp is to train the House Association members and other freshmen to become a leader. The HFPJC House Association designed many different kinds of activities for the leadership camp, which have different themes and purposes. The House Association hopes that the participants can determine whether they want to become a student leader through this camp. The president of the House Association Fok Ka [...]

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The First Master’s Dinner of 2nd Semester, 2017/2018


Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College successfully held the first Master Dinner of current semester on 1 March 2018. It’s our honour to have Prof. Richard Almstedt, department Chair for Kinesiology and Dance of the Lone Star College and representatives from Tengfei College of Fudan University. Lone Star College is the largest institution of higher education in the Houston area, and is a publicly funded, two-year, United States community college. Lone Star College has six campuses and two university centers, student may choose their major according to their future career needs. Tengfei College is one of colleges in Fudan University. Tengfei [...]

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Service Learning Program: “Everyone can be an inventor”


“I wanna combine a plate with ice-lolly stick, so that the melting water from the ice-lolly in summer won’t make my hands sticky.” “I want to create a robot to help me do my homework.” There were more fancy ideas coming up in the Little Inventors Workshops presented by the students and Resident Fellows from Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College (HFPJC), who organized the service learning trip at Si Yuan Experimental School in Hunan Xinhua, China, from 18th to 24th Dec 2017. 14 HFPJC students and Resident Fellows took this opportunity to provide community service to the Si Yuan students [...]

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Show Our Talents!


On the night of November 18, Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College (HFPJC) held a Talent Show in E31 Theatre, which was one of the highlight events in HFPJC. This year, the House Association of HFPJC brought the Talent Show forward to the first semester in order to attract more members to perform, the show included dancing, singing, drama and band show. The theme of this Talent Show was “Universe’s Thoughts”, it told that every performance in the show was like a planet, needed to be discovered, and Talent Show was a great chance for them to show how unique their [...]

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High Table Dinner


There was a Chinese folk saying that: “Whenever a dignitary goes out, it rains. ” Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College has postponed its High Table Dinner for twice due to the typhoon, and eventually held on the 8th day of November. Mr. Fok Chun Wan, the Chairman of Henry Fok Foundation, for the first time, visited the College which was named after his father. Mr. Fok gave an encouraging speech during the dinner, wishing that students to become a person who to contribute to Macau and the homeland. Honorable guests also included two other family members of Fok, they were [...]

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