Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College successfully held the second High Table Dinner of AY2018/2019


Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College has held the second High Table Dinner on 22 August, 2018, and attracted more than two hundred students. Honorable guests included Mr. Lok Po, college fellows and faculty affiliates were invited to the Dinner.

Mr. Lok Po is the director and chief editor of Macao Daily News, besides, he is also the chairman of the Association of Press Workers of Chinese Macao.

In his welcoming remark, Prof. Mok, the College Master, will lead the college member carry out the “one country, two system” policy and summon their spirit of patriotism and their love of Macau!

Mr. Lok explains the difference between Macau and Hong Kong, we are under the same policy (“one country, two system”), and we performed differently because of our cultural and history background.

Many students stayed behind to take pictures of each other as their mementos. During the dinner, there was also piano performance by one of the College member, Mr. Chan Kin Chon.