HFPJC Students participated in TEDx HKPolyU


On February 16th 2019, a group of Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College students and staff participated in the study trip in Hong Kong. They visit the Museum and attended the TEDxHKPolyU event at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
The trip started with a visit at the Hong Kong Science Museum to explore their latest Landscape Map of the Silk Road Exhibition, the Landscape Map of the Silk Road is a traditional Chinese map drawn on a silk handscroll, with dimensions of about 30-metre long and 0.6-metre wide. The map depicted the Silk Road from Jiayu Pass in Gansu province to Tianfang-guo (present-day Mecca in Saudi Arabia) in the Ming dynasty. It was taken overseas in the 1930s and has now returned home.

HFPJCers then enjoyed a well-organized collegiate TEDx event with eight innovative speaker talks on environmental protection, entrepreneurship, Block chain, collegiate residential living-learning and many more. TED means a group of speckers from Technology, Entertainment and Design, in the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

The event wrapped up with a networking session at the end that provides exchange opportunities with organizers and speakers. The trip provides the students and staff an exposure to an international event with multidisciplinary speakers and ideas, as well as a great bonding opportunities among RC members.


院生們接著參加了香港理工大學所舉辦的TEDx活動。TED 是一個組織,藉由舉辦 TED talk 邀請在各界傑出的人士來分享他們的理念。TED 是由 Technology(科技)、Entertainment(娛樂)、Design(設計)三個字的縮寫組成因此其演講者也大多來自科技、設計、與人文三個領域。TEDx 是 TED 在 2009 年所推動的一個項目主要在鼓勵各地的 TED 粉絲自行組織 TED 風格的演講與活動。是次演講由八個在不同領域的成功人士主講關於環保、創業、區塊鏈、書院生活學習等議題,最後以一個交流交際環節結尾。這次旅程為學生和導師提供了一個參加既國際又多元化議題講座的機會,也提供與活動組織者與演講者交流的契機。旅程更加強了書院成員之間的溝通和友誼。