2019 Talent Show: Fairy Tale Town


On November 16th evening, it was a night of fairy tales at the E31 Theatre as HFPJC held the 2019 Talent Show Competition titled Fairy Tale Town. A total of fourteen talent shows on creative dramas, singings and dancings dazzled the dreamy and cheerful night. Two lucky draws, and three awards were given to the audiences and performers. After popular votes, the champion was awarded to the singing performance "Dream of a thousand songs" presented by the Year 4 student Lester Liu.

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HFPJC won the Championship of the 2019 Cheerleading Competition!


HFPJC finally won the championship of the 2019 Masters' Cup Cheerleading Competition after four years' of non-stop improvement in performance excellence, creativity, numerous hours of practice, countless sprained ankles among team members. As commented by the team leader Cheryl, " It's our common goal to perform and win for the glory of HFPJC, which forms a tremendous bonding among all team members to face and overcome any obstacles along the way. Help and support from other community members also provide us motivation and confidence for achieving the goal."  Please see here for further detail. [...]

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Service Learning in Congjiang, Guizhou


Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College Service Leaders Sown Seeds of Love in Congjiang, Guizhou 澳門大學霍英東珍禧書院義工赴貴州從江播撒愛的種子 Author: LI JIAYING, HFPJC College Member and UM Reporter Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College organized a service learning programme in Congjiang, Guizhou from 20 to 27 May 2019. 16 college students were led by Associate Master, Dr. Vivian Jiang and Resident Fellow, Dr. Andrew Lao. This programme aims at providing community service opportunities for HFPJC students to serve the underprivileged groups in Guizhou so as to enhance the learning competencies in leadership and service as well as citizenship with global perspectives.  The service learning team [...]

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‘Fruits of Love’ was finally harvested!


The fruit of love was finally harvested! HFPJC Service-Learning Book was Launched “愛的果實”終於長出!珍禧書院服務學習新書出版 “Fruits of Love——Service-Learning Journey of the Laranjas”, University of Macau Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College Service-Learning Book Launching Ceremony and Exhibition was held at University Student Activity Centre recently. At the ceremony, Prof. Billy So, Vice Rector of Student Affairs gave an opening remark in recognition of the achievements made by HFPJC Service-Learning Program, and encouraged students to continue their efforts to help others in the future. Prof Mok Kai Meng, Master of Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College gave a speech later introducing the Service-Learning Program and [...]

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Silk Road Cultural Exchange Trip


HFPJC Held “The Silk Road Cultural Exchange Trip” 霍英東珍禧書院舉辦"絲路文化考察交流團" Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College (HFPJC) held the “Silk Road Cultural Exchange Trip” to Lanzhou and Dunhuang on 18th to 22nd April. The delegation group visited Lanzhou University and its Belt and Road Research Center where they learned more about the history of Lanzhou, Lanzhou University, the history and development of the silk road as well as what opportunities and challenges that the new Belt & Road Initiative of our Country could bring to them. Students from both universities enjoyed the sharing session where they could exchange their experiences on campus [...]

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CKLC, HFPJC and CKYC Visited 6 Primary and Middle Schools in Congjiang County, Guizhou Province


CKLC, HFPJC and CKYC Visited 6 Primary and Middle Schools in Congjiang County, Guizhou Province for Planning Future Service-Learning Programs in Congjiang 張崑崙書院、霍英東珍禧書院及蔡繼有書院赴貴州省從江縣考察6所山區中小學 4 representatives from Cheong Kun Lun College, Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College, Choi Kai Yau College visited 6 primary and middle schools in Congjiang County, Guizhou Province from March 18 to March 20. They learned about the needs of local schools and students, explored potential directions and assistance that residential colleges from University of Macau can provide, and planed for the forthcoming summer service-learning programs in Congjiang County. 澳門大學張崑崙書院、霍英東珍禧書院及蔡繼有書院代表一行4人,與3月18日到20日,赴貴州省從江縣考察6所山區中小學,詳細瞭解當地學校校方及學生的需求,思考未來澳大書院可提供協助的方向,及爲暑假策劃教育幫扶貴州從江縣的中小學做準備。 在中央駐澳門聯絡辦公室的協助下,澳大3所書院的代表與當地教育局的代表一同拜訪了從江縣的貫洞鎮龍圖小學、從江縣第二民族高級中學、丙妹鎮岜沙小學、谷坪鄉中心小學、往洞鎮中心小學及往洞鎮中學,共6所不同的中小學。書院代表與每所學校的校方及學生都進行了富有成效的交流,並記錄下校方及當地學生的需求,同時到訪的6所中小學均表示歡迎澳門大學的師生過來交流及進行義教等服務。溝通當中也爲即將進行的暑期義教行程進行初步的對接。例如,張崑崙書院和貫洞鎮龍圖小學的校方達成合作意向,準備5月中下旬到該校進行義教及村落服務。值得一提的是,張崑崙書院來自從江的一位院生正是從該校畢業的,並且該院生一直積極協助書院組織院生一起回到自己的母校及村落做些力所能及的事。 貴州從江縣是澳門特區的精準扶貧對象。3所書院希望到從江縣定期開展的服務學習專項,冀能幫助當地的中小學生,帶給當地學生難忘的經歷,也希望通過與澳大學生的親密接觸鼓勵當地學生好好學習,爭取更美好的未來。與此同時,通過該項目鼓勵澳門大學的學生積極投身服務祖國偏遠山區,深入認識祖國國情及不同區域的不同的發展現狀,同時認識和體驗祖國不同區域不同民族的文化。 [...]

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HFPJC Students visited TEDx HKPolyU


HFPJC Students participated in TEDx HKPolyU 霍英東珍禧書院院生到香港學習交流 On February 16th 2019, a group of Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College students and staff participated in the study trip in Hong Kong. They visit the Museum and attended the TEDxHKPolyU event at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The trip started with a visit at the Hong Kong Science Museum to explore their latest Landscape Map of the Silk Road Exhibition, the Landscape Map of the Silk Road is a traditional Chinese map drawn on a silk handscroll, with dimensions of about 30-metre long and 0.6-metre wide. The map depicted the Silk Road [...]

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Service-Learning Program in Hainan Lingshui


Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College and Honor Collage Co-organized Service-Learning Program in Hainan Lingshui 霍英東珍禧書院與榮譽學院代表同赴海南陵水開展服務學習項目 Author: Fortuno Hong With the aim of providing voluntary services at rural areas in China, Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College (HFPJC) and Honor Collage (HC) of University of Macau co-organized a service-learning program in Lingshui County of Hainan Province from 19 to 26 December 2018. Led by HFPJC Associate Master Dr. Vivian Jiang, Residential Fellow Dr. Andrew Lao, and HC administrative staff Ms. Eunice Cheang, 21 students (12 from HFPJC and 9 from HC) taught courses such as English for Fun, English Speech, Macau & [...]

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First High Table Dinner of AY2018/2019


Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College successfully held the second High Table Dinner of AY2018/2019 霍英東珍禧書院成功舉辦高桌晚宴 Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College has held the second High Table Dinner on 22 August, 2018, and attracted more than two hundred students. Honorable guests included Mr. Lok Po, college fellows and faculty affiliates were invited to the Dinner. Mr. Lok Po is the director and chief editor of Macao Daily News, besides, he is also the chairman of the Association of Press Workers of Chinese Macao. In his welcoming remark, Prof. Mok, the College Master, will lead the college member carry out the “one [...]

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2018 Talent Show


HFPJC successfully held the 2018 Talent Show 霍英東珍禧書院成功舉辦2018「珍禧才藝大比拼」 Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College House Association (HA) hold the "2018 HFPJC Talent Show" on 17th November at E31 Theater. The theme of this year is "Chupa Chups Paradise", HA would like to reduce the pressure of exam and let HFPJCers show their talent. More than 200 students, fellows and staff. There are 16 selected groups with around 100 HFPJCers joined the competition, they have a wide variety of talent, such as singing, dancing, drama, rap, instrumental performance, dubbing etc. There are four awards to the applicants, they are Champion, Runner-up, Second [...]

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