A delegation of 18 members from Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College (referred to as ” Pearl Jubilee College “) of University of Macau embarked on a visit to Xiuzhong College of Tsinghua University recently. Led by College Associate Master Dr. Vivian Jiang, the exchange program aimed to provide a platform for students from both Colleges to engage in comprehensive and in-depth exchanges and collaborations regarding college education, innovative practices, cultural education, and sustainable development.

On the anniversary of Macau’s return, students and teachers from Pearl Jubilee College and Xiuzhong College visited the Beijing Office of Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macau Special Administrative Region, where they received a warm reception from Director Ci Chen of the Exchange Office. During the visit, the delegation learned about the situation of Macau students studying in northern universities and received an introduction to the Macau Student Home. Together, they engaged in discussions and shared their perspectives on the significant meaning of Macau’s return and the “One Country, Two Systems” policy, experiencing the care and support from their motherland and demonstrating the unity and cohesion among Macau students. Additionally, Pearl Jubilee College students participated in the Macau Cultural Promotion Day organized by Macau students in Tsinghua University, celebrating the 24th anniversary of Macau’s return.

During the visit, Pearl Jubilee College students took part in Sustainable Development Academic Festival organized by Xiuzhong College. Zhang Qi Yue, a representative from Pearl Jubilee College, delivered a presentation titled “Green Regenerative Soap: Sustainable Initiatives among Hotels, NGOs, and Universities,” engaging in profound discussions with experts, scholars, and students present. The topics covered the importance and challenges of sustainable development. Moreover, a symposium was held, where students from two Colleges exchanged ideas on the preservation of Macau’s cultural heritage and sustainable tourism, inspiring innovative approaches in sustainable tourism development.

Led by Xiuzhong College students, the delegation from Pearl Jubilee College explored Tsinghua University’s campus, including the Historical Exhibition Hall, Art Museum, Science Museum, and Engineering Training Center. In-depth discussions were held regarding the development of student organizations in the Colleges, providing a comprehensive understanding of Tsinghua University’s academic atmosphere, research capabilities, and Xiuzhong College’s distinctive features and academic principles. The students from both colleges celebrated the Winter Solstice together, participated in ice skating activities, and enjoyed a New Year’s concert, enhancing their friendship in a joyful atmosphere.

To enhance their understanding of the mother country, Pearl Jubilee College delegation visited significant historical landmarks such as Tiananmen Square, the National Museum of China, and the Forbidden City. This immersive experience deepened their knowledge of Chinese history and culture, and further strengthened their connection and sense of belonging to the motherland.

This exchange visit between Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College and Xiuzhong College marks the first exchange program since the establishment of their sister colleges relationship. Xiuzhong College will pay a return visit to Pearl Jubilee College in January 2024 as planned. The exchange activities not only deepened the friendship and collaboration between the two Colleges, but also provided students with an opportunity to broaden their horizons and share experiences. Both colleges will further promote closer and more in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the future, advancing the development and innovation of the college system, and cultivating more outstanding talents with international perspectives and innovative spirits.