On the night of November 18, Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College (HFPJC) held a Talent Show in E31 Theatre, which was one of the highlight events in HFPJC. This year, the House Association of HFPJC brought the Talent Show forward to the first semester in order to attract more members to perform, the show included dancing, singing, drama and band show. The theme of this Talent Show was “Universe’s Thoughts”, it told that every performance in the show was like a planet, needed to be discovered, and Talent Show was a great chance for them to show how unique their planet was. Not only the theatre was designed like a universe, but also the performances were named by different planets. “We want to use this special theme to make the people who come to the show feel that it is a unique show, which is different from the others, and remember about it,” according to Fok Ka Hou, the president of HFPJC House Association.