The “Little Photographer” Project was a service learning project initiated by HFPJC Service Leaders.  From 25 May to 2 June, HFPJC Service Leaders went on service learning excursion to provide voluntary teaching service in Ledong Li County, Hainan. In total of 64 disposable film cameras were offered to 33 students of Hainan Ledong Si Yuan Experimental Primary School(海南樂東思源實驗初中)and Hainan Ledong Si Yuan Experimental High School (海南樂東思源實驗高中). Students from these schools are mostly children of the marginalized communities from local remote villages. This project aimed at offering an experiential learning opportunity to these students to rediscover their everyday life and to express themselves through photographic images. Our Service Leaders will organize a photographic exhibition for these little photographers in order to show their talents to the Macau public.