HFPJC Creative Writing team recently organizes the Macao Bus Story Creative Film and Writing Project in collaboration with MOME Media and Marketing. From 15 January to 5 February 2016, a short film produced by HFPJC creative writing team for the promotion of a cultural activity called “Macao Bus Story” is broadcasted on MOME TV on buses in Macau. Not only for UM students, this activity also engages the Macau public with creative writing and film art project by encouraging both local citizens and foreign tourists to submit images, videos or writing in either Chinese or English for the publishing of a book called “Macau Story – Bus”. This book was launched on April 20 followed by a charity sale of the book. This experience of making creative cultural projects useful for the community needs was interviewed by MOME Bus TV during the book launch. Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College Creative Writing Projects aim at encouraging students to engage in creative cultural projects through the experiential learning model developed by the college that focuses on student empowerment and active learning.