On the night of October 31st, Henry Fok Jubilee College held an annual Halloween party, the main theme of this time are the famous movie “Annabella” and “IT”. Besides the simple Halloween games, the main event of every year- the haunted house has been a highlight, the haunted house included the common room and corridors on five and six floor, there were full of horrible decoration everywhere and some scary staffs in the haunted house on that day.
Responsible for the planning of this Halloween are the Art and Culture Working group and Social Activity Working Group from Henry Fok Jubilee College, the two groups began planning this event from three months ago, it cost two weeks to decorate the college including the haunted house.

The Halloween party attracted more than four hundred students to attend, including many other college students and non-UM students, the chair of social activity working group HO CHON HIN said that after the party “I was surprised that our Halloween party can attract so many people to come, this is a great encouragement to us, it is worthy of all the preparation and our efforts.”