Project Description


G031 (RC laundry room)

x001 & x050 (floor laundry rooms)


24 hours


  1. Laundry is only for HFPJC students & staffs.
  2. Clean up your spills and mess. Leave nothing behind.
  3. Bring your clothes in a basket and leave the basket next to the machine when it is operating. 
  4. Never leave laundry in the room. After 24 hours it will be removed without notice. 
  5. Students may remove unattended laudnry from a machine that has finished the cycle and place it in a hygienic position. 
  6. Do not wash heavy objects like shoes and bags.
  7. Do not tamper with the machine if not operating properly. Report machine number immediately to the office. 
  8. You are responsible for keeping the room clean and tidy.
  9. Students who ignore the regulations will not be allowed to use the laundry room.