Hello Everyone,


Welcome to all new first year HFPJC students! It is my honour to welcome you to membership of this College and the first step in your university life. I am privileged to be the President of the HFPJC House Association for the coming academic year 2018-19, so if you have any problems in the College or any suggestions to make, you can tell me or any member of the House Association. We are here to help! We are all very friendly and we will do our best to resolve your problem or act on your suggestions, so if you want to find us, please drop in to Room 6043, the HA Office.

This is my second year at HFPJC. When I see you arrive to start your first year, it makes me to think back mine. To be honest when I first joined the College, as a local student I was not very happy, thinking it was not necessary to live in College as a resident member. However, when I arrived and took part in various activities it gave me a warm feeling to be among ebullient people, and it made me change my mind.

HFPJC has a very special characteristic, a community with the milk of human kindness and one that has a level of energy which is infectious. It makes me love this College so want to stay in here and study with my friends. If you afraid that you cannot assimilate into HFPJC family don’t worry we are here to help you. HFPJC is a very energetic and positive community in UM. We welcome you and encourage you to join us make our collective voice more powerful. It is now the beginning of a new academic year: Let us make together a creative voice to cover the whole UM campus!

Samuel, Chow Ho Sang