Dear HFPJCers,

Hi! Newcomers! Welcome to the happiest and friendliest family – Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College! This is Cheryl, President of 2019-2020 House Association of HFPJC. Let’s begin by introducing myself! I am a Year 2 student and my major is English Education, please feel free to ask me questions if you have any problems in your academic studies or college life. Besides being the President of HA, I am also the Captain of HFPJC Cheerleading Team in this scholastic year, and no matter who you are, knowing how to dance or not, you are always welcome to join us! So please don’t be shy!

Time really flies when you are having fun. Being the member of this family in my Year1, my time seems being stolen! I remembered when I first came to this college, I thought I wouldn’t encounter myself too much in the college’s activities, but luckily, I had listened to the briefing of the student leaders introducing HA, and had seen the cheerleading team’s poster in the lift, and most importantly, I joined them, this action changed my Year 1 school life totally. 

No advertising, no lies. I am telling you my own experience honestly and recommending you to be a student leader truthfully and deeply by my heart. If you want a wonderful, exciting and cheerful college life, please don’t hesitate to be a student leader, join the college’s sports team or participate in our college’s activities. It will be the best if you can do them all, which is what I have been doing! Last but not least, I hope you all can have a beautiful college life and ask for no regrets!

Best Wishes,