By participating in “Care of the College,” each student makes a conscious effort to care for and serve other students both in the College and outside in the wider community. There are different ways that we provide service to our College community:

  • Helping fellow college members who are experiencing personal difficulties. 
  • Taking care of the physical environment in which we all live, including common spaces, to ensure that our College is clean, orderly and inviting. 
  • Participating in opportunities to serve communities in Macau and in other countries. 

As we develop our capacity to serve others and care for our environment, we will encounter opportunities to grow as leaders.  The College offers student leadership positions and training opportunities; additionally, students will find that leadership opportunities arise as they participate along with others in many aspects of College life.

Examples of activities that will fit into this Competency:

  • participate in a floor cleaning activity
  • visit a home for orphans
  • join a service learning group on excursion
  • join a service learning group to do voluntary teaching online
  • take part in the organization of any College event
  • Join service groups e.g. Service Leaders, Librarians, Healthy Living team etc.