Every year we have special visitors who reside in the College as Artists/Scholars in Residence. They could be a writer, visual artist or musician. They live and work with the students in College. Each teaches workshops or short courses (or equivalent activities as proposed) to engage College members with cultural activities in their particular areas of expertise. The visiting artists also pursue their own artistic projects in collaboration with the students to form exhibitions/performances/film screenings showing the final work produced at the residential college at the end of their residency. These activities offer students valuable opportunities to gain practical experience and insight into various creative practices. The program aims to introduce college members to as many forms of artistic expression as possible, including creative writing, installation art, painting, music, sculpture, motion picture and photography. The HA Art & Culture Working Group provides support in coordinating and delivery of the programs. During their years in a residential college, HF PJC members are offered opportunities to work closely with at least one resident artist during their university life.


Miss Yike (2017-19)

Miss Yike, born in Xi’an, graduated from the Law Department of Northwest University of Politics & Law with a bachelor’s degree, studied at the Acting and Performing Arts Department of University of Strasbourg and Cours-Florent School, was invited to host exhibitions and work with college members to publish books through observations in our daily life. She is interested in how to help people look inward to establish a real and equal connection with tangible and intangible existence, form a cycle of transformation and innovation of energy, ultimately achieving symbiosis, and how to create practical art therapy techniques that have a substantive positive influence on human psychology.



artist6Dr. Nicole Yi-hsin Lai (2015-16)

Dr. Nicole Yi-hsin Lai, Chief Curator and Director of Art Square Taiwan, was invited to conduct talks on exhibition curating and urban transformation in Taiwan and Macau. Dr. Lai interacted and exchanged with students through joining floor activities organized by student leaders.





artist7Mr. Chen Po-I (2015-16)

Mr. Chen conducted workshops and talks on the topic of camera obscura photography, the meaning of ruins, and eggwhite printing. Artist-in-residence programmes endeavor to give the College community a diversity of experience and perspective and to engage college members with cross-cultural creative research, expressing an increasing sense of global awareness.





39150Miss Coco Shen (2014-15)

Miss Coco Shen, Taiwanese-Canadian author of the recently published Waking up in Dreams, was invited to stay and work with the college members for six weeks in September and October 2014. Having worked for Disney Online Studio in Vancouver for two years before becoming a TED Talk language coordinator and a script writer, Miss Shen shared her diverse multicultural experience in the international animation and film industry to help students understand the dynamics of the creative world. Miss Shen taught a creative writing course during her residency.



artist5Miss Lee Tzu-Ling (2014-15)

Miss Lee Tzu-Ling from Taiwan was invited to take part in the program in the spring semester of 2015. Miss Lee conducted workshops on molding and sculpture and engaged students to explore the idea of self, identity, duplicating objects.








artist3Dr. Yin-hua Chu (2013-14)

Dr. Yin-hua Chu, practicing artist and Assistant Professor of the Department of Fine Arts at Tunghai University Taiwan was invited to be the visiting artists in November 2013.  Dr. Chu taught a series of cyanotype printing workshops in the college. The artist also gave public talks on the topics of visual arts at Creative Macau. An exhibition of cyanotype prints was launched and a project catalogue Mapping the Psychogeography of Macau through Cyanotype Printing which documents fifty cyanotype prints produced by the college members.






artist2Mr. Sandy Mackinnon (2013-14)

Our first artist in residence in March 2013, was Sandy Mackinnon, Australian author of the best-selling The Unlikely Voyage of Jack De Crow: A Mirror Odyssey from North Wales to the Black Sea. His stay at the College was filled with a series of activities including visits to local historical sites in the company of HF PJC students, participation in UM’s round-campus run competition and several writing workshops and sharing sessions with the College members.