The need to be internationally-aware increases in the modern day globalized world, whether in the internationally diverse communities in Macau or in other parts of the world.  As a College member, you are expected: 

  • To be a good citizen in your own nation.
  • To gain an increasing sense of global awareness, whether by participating in globally-themed activities, interacting with people who live in other provinces or countries, or reading quality media sources that can teach us about global events and how other people in the global community conduct their lives. 
  • To identify areas of responsibility that helps us define our own civic duties as global citizens.  Global citizens take responsibility for educating themselves and others about important issues around the world, form ties with people from other countries in an effort to promote mutual understanding, and participate in civic engagement in an effort to promote a harmonious and sustainable world.

Examples of activities that will fit into this Competency:

  • attend discussion group on current affairs
  • join study abroad program
  • be a hotel soap recycling volunteer
  • take cooking classes in a new cuisine
  • learn about a foreign culture from an exchange student
  • organize any event with an international focus