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HFPJC’s Little Photographers Digital Exhibition at Apple Store

HFPJC's Little Photographers Digital Exhibition University of Macau Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College (HFPJC) has been doing creative educational projects for Si Yuan Experimental Schools in China which are particularly built for the marginalized children living in remote areas in China since 2013. In May 2016, we initiated the Little Photographers Project for which we provided 66 disposable cameras and basic photography trainings to 33 children in Hainan. This [...]

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The “Little Photographer” Service Learning Project

The "Little Photographer" Project was a service learning project initiated by HFPJC Service Leaders.  From 25 May to 2 June, HFPJC Service Leaders went on service learning excursion to provide voluntary teaching service in Ledong Li County, Hainan. In total of 64 disposable film cameras were offered to 33 students of Hainan Ledong Si Yuan Experimental Primary School(海南樂東思源實驗初中)and Hainan Ledong Si Yuan Experimental High School (海南樂東思源實驗高中). Students from these schools [...]

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The Exhibition Curator & Photographic Film Processing Experience

HFPJCers had the opportunity to set up a contemporary art exhibition with over ten curators and artists at Taipei Artist Village and FreeS Art Space during 1-14 July. This experience allowed our college members to acquire hands-on experience in setting up an art exhibition and working with artists. Participant was also given the chance to learn photographic film processing using professional darkroom facilities.  

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Macao Bus Story Creative Filmmaking & Writing Project for Charity Sale

HFPJC Creative Writing team recently organizes the Macao Bus Story Creative Film and Writing Project in collaboration with MOME Media and Marketing. From 15 January to 5 February 2016, a short film produced by HFPJC creative writing team for the promotion of a cultural activity called “Macao Bus Story” is broadcasted on MOME TV on buses in Macau. Not only for UM students, this activity also engages the Macau [...]

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Service Learning Excursion in Guizhou Zhijin

Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College organized a service learning trip to Guizhou at Bijie Si Yuan Experiential School during the Christmas holiday break between 21st and 27th December 2015. This service learning trip was a collaboration with Service Affairs office to form a service leader team of 28 students from four residential colleges including 24 students from HFPJC, 2 from CKYC, 1 from CYTC and 1 from SPC. This [...]

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HFPJC House Association holds charity bazaar

The Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College (HFPJC) House Association recently organized a Charity Bazaar to raise funds for their upcoming community service and charity events, including service learning and voluntary teaching in Guizhou, and place visits to the orphans. The House Association hoped that students can apply their creativity and develop a sense of social responsibility through this activity. Before the Charity Bazaar, HFPJC’s House Association organized several handicraft [...]

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HFPJC Slow Walk Activities – The Orange Walk

In order to increase HFPJC team spirit and promote healthy living, HFPJC launched a slow walk activity, namely the Orange Walk. The tick off ceremony was in last week and the second walk was on this Tuesday (15th September), more than 50 participates walked around the campus and enjoyed the relaxing moment with their HFPJC family.

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HFPJC Initiates the First College Uniform Day

College uniform represents the image and spirit of the community. HFPJC held the first College Uniform Day on 10th September. All HFPJCers wore the orange uniform and walked around the campus on that day, the unique vitality and passion of HFPJC spread through the UM campus, like an Orange Storm. Saying hello to those who wore orange uniform and feel the friendliness and warmth in the atmosphere. This is [...]

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Freshmen Orientation Camp of Academic Year 2015/16

HF PJC House Association held a three-day orientation camp for freshmen which attracted more than 200 students to join, it whipped up a vibrant orange storm at the UM campus. The College launched a series of orientation activities to facilitate freshmen’ integration into the residential college life at UM, such as Checkpoint Challenge, Coloane-Taipa Tour, Barbecue at Hac Sa Beach and Night Hiking etc..Freshmen said the orientation activites strengthened their [...]

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