As members of a Residential College, students will encounter ample opportunities to engage in interpersonal relationships with other students, academic staff, professors and instructors, guests to the University, and administrative and service staff.  When living in a collegiate community, it is our responsibility to develop strong avenues of respectful communication with the people around us.  Our duty as a College member is:

To respectfully exchange our thoughts, dreams, informed opinions and attitudes with as many people as we can in our community; 

To live together harmoniously and benefit from the rich diversity of opinions and individual styles among us;

To participate actively in college activities so as to develop skills of effective teamwork and communication, which include respecting and benefitting from the contributions of others. 

Examples of activities that will fit into this Competency:

  • join floor committee
  • join the college cheering team
  • help with organizing any college activity
  • join any of the HA working groups
  • attend any leadership seminar
  • participate actively in any team building event at UM