College Master: Professor MOK Kai Meng

It is my great pleasure to be Master of HF PJC. Our College has a culture of nurturing students to develop deeper engagement with society. Here we can easily find people who share similar values with us.  Here we can share with, learn from and motive one another, making a positive impact on ourselves and also on others. Our College is indeed one big Family, and through connecting day in and day out with one another, we will be friends forever!

I welcome you to contact me with questions, suggestions or just a chat at any time. My office door is always open for you!

Educational Background         

PhD  University of Washington (USA)

MS in Civil Engineering    University of Washington (USA)

BS in Civil Engineering    University of Washington (USA)


2017 – present:  College Master, HF PJC, University of Macau

2005 – present:  Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Macau

2009 – 2019:      Founding Dean, Honours College, University of Macau

2013 March:      Visiting Scholar, University of Aveiro

2007 – 2009:      Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau

2002 August:      Visiting Faculty, University of Washington

2000 – 2005:      Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Macau

1997 – 2007:      Associate Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau

1993 – 2000:      Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Macau

1992 – 1993:      Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University of Washington

1991:                 Hydraulic Engineer, EA Engineering, Science and Technology

Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics: Gravity Currents, Hydraulic Jumps; Coastal Hydrodynamics: Mechanics of Edge Waves, Tsunami Runup, Storm Tide; Air and Water Quality: modeling and Forecast

Research Interests

For further information:

Personal Interests and Pursuits at HFPJC

  • Continue the College’s culture of nurturing students to develop deeper engagement with society.
  • Develop a diversified yet inclusive community life in the College, where you will find harmony without uniformity.
  • Inspire students to set and achieve challenging goals.
  • Enable students to live a healthy lifestyle in the College, where there is always fun for everyone.
  • Encourage students to explore and exploit their creativity and productivity.
  • Urge students to appreciate others and enjoy teamwork – you will find that everyone has something to contribute.
  • Personal interests include keeping abreast of the times, living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, indulging in sparkling conversations with students, seeing the students grow academically, morally and socially, gathering with friends and family, appreciating mechanical timepieces, and enjoying good movies.


Associate Master: Dr. Vivian JIANG Yi

Being a resident fellow in HF PJC is a wonderful job. In the past four years, I have enjoyed living in this collegiate community, and growing up together with our College members. I will continue to promote our member’s whole-person development in the university’s 4-in-1 education model, and share the joy of each success with you. I am glad to talk with you on any questions and suggestions. Please feel free to visit me at Room G003, or contact me via email or add me on Wechat (ID: vivianyijiang).

Educational Background          

PhD              The Chinese University of Hong Kong

MPhil            Sun Yat-Sen University

BA (Hons)    Sun Yat-Sen University


2018 – Present:  Associate Master, HF PJC, UM

2015 – 2018:      Acting Associate Master (Resident Fellow), HF PJC, UM

2012 – 2015:      Resident Fellow, HF PJC, UM

2010 – 2012:      Researcher, Center for Public Opinion Research, Shanghai

2009 – 2012:      Instructor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

2004 – 2007:      Research & teaching assistant, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

2001 – 2004:      Research associate, Research Institute for Guangdong Development, Sun Yat-Sen University

Research Interests

Economic Sociology, Social Participation, Social Capital, Social Research Methods, Residential College

Personal Interests and Pursuits

  1. Providing wide-ranging student-centered extracurricular activities and experiential programme to support students’ growth and development.
  2. Fostering a lively academic and intellectual environment in the residential community.
  3. Helping develop the college culture and ethos by encouraging student involvement in creating and shaping community.
  4. Personal interests include collecting ancient Chinese porcelain, playing ping-pong ball and squash, painting, hiking, and all beautiful and delicious things.

Resident Fellow: Dr. Andrew LAO Chan Chio

I am glad to be a member of HFPJC. As an HFPJCer, I hope we could enjoy our time in the college, where we learn, live, experience, and grow up together as one big family. As part of the family, I love to learn about your creations, stories, or anything that happens around you. I welcome you to drop by my office (G019) anytime or get in touch with me by email: and WeChat: cclandrew. I wish you a fruitful experience in HFPJC.

Educational Background

PhD     Central University of Taiwan

MS      Central University of Taiwan

BS       Central University of Taiwan


2018-Present:  Resident Fellow, HF PJC, University of Macau

2016-2018       Senior Research Assistant, The Education University of Hong Kong

2015-2016       Technical Consultant, The Education University of Hong Kong

2007-2016       Research Assistant, Central University of Taiwan

Research Interests

Technology-supported Self-directed Learning, Goal-setting, Computational Thinking, STEM Education, Artificial Intelligence in Education, Game-based Learning, Learning Companion Systems

Personal Interests and Pursuits

  1. Design personalized learning portfolio through goal-setting for self-directed learning
  2. Recognize existing learning resources to foster effective experiential learning
  3. Use programmable objects to develop computational thinking for STEAM education
  4. Personal Interests include: photography, travel, cycling, and playing ping-pong.

Resident Fellow:
Ms. Maggie WONG Mong Chit

Working as a Resident Fellow at HFPJC is a dream come true for me. After spending eighteen years in California as design engineer in the technology industry I am thrilled to be back in my hometown. I look forward to sharing bits and pieces in the community family, being your friend and inspiration during the precious college years. I am always here to support your innovative ideas, your dream, your need and stories. Feel free to drop by at my office (G016) or drop a line at my email ( or Wechat ID: maggieucsd.

Educational Background

MEng   University of California, San Diego (USA)

BS        University of California, San Diego (USA)


2018-Present: Resident Fellow, HFPJC, UM

2011-2016: Mixed-signal Design Engineer (USA)

2006-2011: Hardware System Engineer (USA)

2005-2006: Teaching Assistant/Tutor, ECE courses, UCSD (USA)

2003-2004: Lab Tutor, Computer Science courses, UCSD (USA)

Research Interests

Low power mixed-signal IP core design and methodology, beyond sub-micron semiconductor physics and materials, data analysis, Python, deep learning

Personal Interests and Pursuits

  • Nurture to bring out the best in our future generations.
  • Follow the fast evolving technologies.
  • Personal interests include reading good books, traveling, engaging in intellectual discussions, contemplation, culinary, web-learning, estheticism, Karaoke, coffee, gym, golf, movies, and finance.