Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College was initially founded as “Pearl Jubilee College” (PJC) in 2010 in temporary quarters on the old campus.  It was one of two pilot colleges along with East Asia College to help the university prepare for the large-scale RC system when the new campus opened.  The name Pearl Jubilee was used in 2010 to mark the 30th anniversary of the university’s founding. 

PJC was renamed Henry Fok Pearl Jubilee College in honour of one of the most important developmental figures in Macau’s 20th Century history. We also acknowledge the support of the Henry Fok Foundation which provided a major donation towards our establishment on the new UM Campus. It is a privilege to bear the name of one of Macau’s most important philanthropists.

Our Mission

The mission of our College is, in line with ambitions articulated by the University of Macau’s strategic plan, to develop a first-class collegiate community through which members will develop a mature understanding of personal and community issues, along with a flexible and mature global vision.  College members will enrich their university experience through participation in inter-disciplinary learning.  Experiential learning and personal development are paramount in our thinking, and will be accomplished through involvement in a rich program of social, physical, moral, cultural and intellectual pursuits.

Our Vision

To build a vibrant, healthy, collegiate community this is recognized for the following characteristics:

  • Possessing the ability to instill in its members skills for life-long learning.
  • Through a rich variety of programs introducing our members to experiences and issues outside the normal parameters of their academic discipline.
  • Developing a strong ethical sense where personal responsibility and freedom of speech are balanced in a mature, constructive way.
  • Building a safe environment where students can try and succeed and try and, from time to time, fail—both providing valuable experience in building character.
  • Providing leadership experience and development through College structures and programs which prepare our members for a lifetime of management responsibility.
  • To be known for inclusivity, open-mindedness, flexibility, and mutual support.
  • To allow university faculty to integrate into the social fabric of the student body, unifying both groups through adventures in shared interests.

Our Colour

You will notice that orange is the dominant colour in both the College Crest and College Mascot.   The first group of HF PJC students selected orange as our College colour.  The qualities of the colour are the very things we like to bring to our College community.

Orange is a positive, cheerful colour that suggests warmth, good nature, health, outdoor activity and energy.  The colour helps us to assert our strengths as individuals and as a community even when the going gets tough, when we have to be resilient in the face of difficulties. It is a rejuvenating colour.  

College Crest

Orange and the orange tree are obvious in our College Crest which was designed by Chen Fei in 2015 and selected by the College members from a number of different designs.  Chen Fei was a Resident Tutor in the College from 2011-2015.    


HFPJC crest

College Mascot

Laranja (Portuguese for an orange) is our College Mascot.  Laranja was designed in 2012 by HF PJC student, Eric Wu, as the winning entrant in a design competition. All the energy and the personality of the colour orange is contained in this little person who appears at all sorts of HF PJC events, on t-shirts and in publications.  We hope you will get to know him well and emulate his (or her) cheerful spirit!    

College Mascot